The JLC Controversy - A Rebuttal

This is a portion of a page of the 1880 federal census for Parker Township, Morris County, Kansas. The column to the right of the names shows the relationship of each person to the head of the household; that space is blank for the head of the household. A. Jackson Haun, white male age 57 is the head of the household on line 30. His wife, for some reason, is listed as a 58-year-old white female named D. D??????. Dianna's middle name was Dorthulla. Yet another example of an error on the part of the census taker. A white male, age 24, is listed as R. William, their son. This, of course, is Robert Haun. (Note that the surname is given only on the line for the head of the household, or when a different surname is involved.) Line 33 is a 13-year-old white female, first initial E, given name could be Hanna or Harriet. Her surname begins with a "W", and ends in "on". Is it Wilkerson, Williamson, or Witherspoon? Her relationship to the head of household is listed as "ward". Then an 11-year-old male, James, with the same surname as Hanna/Harriet, is also listed as a ward of the head of the household. The last person mentioned in the Haun household is a 17-year-old white male named Sam Kaiser. His relationship is listed as servant, but in the column for "occupation" (not shown here) Sam is listed as a farm laborer.

This shows both the front and back of an Easter card mailed to "J L Courtney, Troy Texas", from Parkerville Kansas in 1913, it is signed "your mother". Keep in mind that Zerelda Cole James Samuel died in 1911. This document was Exhibit 2B in a group of documents submitted to the judge in Falls County Texas by Mr. H. C. Shelton, a grandson of JLC.

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