The JLC Controversy - A Rebuttal

This is a photocopy of an original which is now in the possession of one of JLC's descendants in Texas. You can see that a part of the surface of the picture has flaked off, leaving white lines across the picture. Something has also been spilled across a part of the picture and has left a stain across Dianna's white apron.

This is the same picture, but some alterations have been made with the help of a home computer. The picture has been reversed - James is now behind his mother's left shoulder, and Robert is behind her right shoulder. Some of the flaking across Robert has been repaired, and - oh dear, Dianna has no hands!!

This picture of Dianna Andruss Courtney-Haun, which was cropped from the previous photo, is almost identical to the picture in the Duke book - the same picture that Mrs. Duke herself has identified as the mother of James L. Courtney, and her own great-great-grandmother. The main difference is that a part of Robert and James has been retained so that the viewer can be certain it is from the larger photo.

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